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Battle intro: “I’m going to beat your head in. With your own damn helmet.”

Victory: “You fought well. Just not well enough.”

Defeat: “Come ‘on you nasty Kraut basta-!”

Assist:“Let’s settle differences aside. Before we get settled into graves.”  

Wager: “Marksmanship?”

Taunt: “I’ll shove my boot so far up your ass! You’ll be coughing up boot polish!”

[He didn’t suspect anyone. However, he was thusly and quickly disapproved quickly. He adverted he glance away from the stranger. Not wanting to further any awkwardness.]


[Redwood froze only for a split-second. He quickly grabs what he needed and the leaves while mumbling an apology.]

[Redwood made a terrible mistake. He thought this door was the restroom. However, he quickly adverted his eyes. But within this action he almost falls over. If it wasn’t for him grabbing the door knob.]

[Redwood calmly adverted his own eyes away. He was embarrassed about walking in without even knocking. He finally knows how feeling like a stupid ass is.]

“I’m sorry. I wasn’t aware.”

[He quickly said before he suddenly leaves the room.]

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Where the road ends.




Verrückt turned his head and called over one of the Fiends. A scar covered and dirtied face Fiend walks over towards him. The Fiend’s height was vastly outmatched by the ghoul’s. A mixture of fear and admiration was in the Fiend’s eyes. As he looked up towards a God of weathered skin and rot.

“Gather some of the men and look out there.”

Verrückt outstretched his arms and pointed. The younger Fiend nods his head within agreement and then signaled three others. They leave quickly since snipers are an frequent mess. However, a mess for when the snipers are caught. My God, Verrückt thought sarcastically; we’re killing some of the finest human beings.

The Fiends, under scratch, the scar faced bandit rush from cover to cover. Looking around carefully and quickly. Perhaps the fear of the rangers inspired this in them. Or the fear of what’s behind them. A black hole which swallows anything that displeases him.  

Movement—a faint skittering across sand and concrete. Constanza sucked in her breath, a curse just shy of her lips. They knew something was wrong. Someone was perceptive, or perhaps, just paranoid. Either way, it was an impressive stroke of bad luck on her part. Fiends were animals, and they didn’t hesitate to treat their prey just the same way. Her heart thudded faster, just enough for her to notice. To pull back and rest against the pile of junk. To feel a dull chill of illness settle in her stomach. The Slave People of the Legion said such things were a premonition of things to come. She swallowed what little saliva she had in her mouth, the dry ache in her throat becoming all the more prevalent. A flash of vision spotted a large man. Hulking kind of creature: dirtied, scarred. Constanza withdrew her .45 smoothly from its holster, thumbing the safety off. She cocked the weapon, aiming it at the bastard. No mercy, she thought, squeezing the trigger.

A shot rang out. A sound that signaled her position, that gave away just about every advantage she had up until that very moment. It was worth it, though. So long as she didn’t have to engage that beast of a Fiend in close quarters.

Scratch’s clumsy charge got a bullet with his hip. The dirtied Fiend falls over onto the hard ground as his comrades fire back. However, the aiming of these Fiends is worthless. A volley of blind fire however, would surely turn any unfortunate soul into Swiss cheese. Scratch attempts to hurry away and curses at his misfortune as well. However, he reaches some worn over tires that provide some. The action was heard from Verrückt’s position. His idea was meaning for an idiot’s sacrifice. He moves out alone while flanking around to the gunfight’s area. Surely he would find the right opportunity for his attack. Knowing every kill before was successful he didn’t have any doubts.   

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“Their factory workers. What are they going to do?”

Redwood walked over towards the terminal and looked at the glowing screen. He enters the program and looks through the codes. He attempts two times however, he exits the terminal. Only to have the chances reset.

“So tell me about yourself Frank?”

"Well… ain’t they got lasers?" He stared at the rows of robots. He was pretty sure almost all robots had lasers.

But this Redwood guy seemed to know what he was doing. Frank figured that he probably shouldn’t interfere. Instead, he hopped up on a block of rubble and sat down, kicking his legs idly while he watched the man type.

"About me? Uh, well… I was born ‘n a vault back ‘n West Virginia. I had a- a sister… but I ain’t seen ‘er in years. Came out ‘ere lookin’ fer the Enclave, thinkin’ I might join with ‘em, but I ain’t had any luck. Now I’m just- just tryin’ t’ survive, mostly. Ain’t- ain’t much more t’ me than that. I’m a real normal man."

Redwood’s visor turns towards the man. From what words where said Redwood could tell some things. However, hearing the word Enclave made Redwood suspicious and curious. Yet he doubts Frank’s efforts for that matter.

“Sounds like a long road from West Virginia.”

Redwood continued typing until finally he cracked the code. He always imagines a cash register noise for some odd reason. He turns to the cylinder, air escapes and the cylinder door opens. The Protectron steps out and scans the room. Redwood remained silent however, he doesn’t want to make any such movements.

Battle intro: “Remove yourself or I’ll remove you.” 

Victory: “Done this before. Always shall win.”

Defeat: “A-t the hand-s of an damn Goo-“

Assist: “You rush ahead. I won’t hesitate to gun your sorry ass down.”

Wager: “Marksmanship?”

Taunt: 무서움 나를!”


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Battle intro: “Playing army is over. About time some settle the record straight.”

Victory: “You’re outmatched in every aspect.”

Defeat: “Pathetic-c.”

Assist: “Follow me.”

Wager: “Ever played black jack?”

Taunt:  “I’ll scalp your head.”

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Battle intro:






"Is this you?"

Redwood knew that was him. Cheese displayed a wild smile while posing with others. A follower’s doctor with his hand over his shoulder. Redwood knew he received some of the best help. And knew that smile meant something at least. Redwood only whished better for the poor soul. However, at least things are better than before.

Is this you?

Redwood looked through the shoebox. Redwood glanced at every photo his eyes laid upon. He however, stops as his eyes became glued to one in particular. He picked up something which brought back memories. Soledad’s smile was clear and detailed. Redwood thought back years while remembering the hard as nails women. He laughed a little remember that day with the man hole. She was an admirable and sharp-minded woman who deserved respect.

You are still a coward.